Andrassy 61 LIST OF FLATS

Flat number

Flat size sqm

With terrace Terrace   sqm Price


Andrássy út 61. III/1 154,45 With terrace


Andrássy út 61. III/2 109,90 With terrace 6,91+7,53
Andrássy út 61. III/3 156,68 With terrace


Andrássy út 61. III/4 118,95 With terrace 4,95+6,90
Andrássy út 61. III/5 77,99 With terrace 4,47 SOLD!
Andrássy út 61. III/6 102,60 With terrace 4,95+22,86 SOLD!
Andrássy út 61. III/7 72,66 -----
Andrássy út 61. III/8 134,94 With terrace 53,31 SOLD!


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The interior and exterior design of both the building and the flats is of first class quality.

1. New ceiling

New false ceiling and the ceiling structure for the new floors: I-140 steel beams and cast-in-place reinforced concrete ceilings are to be put in place. Above the ceiling an impact resistant mineral wool acoustic insulation layer for noise absorption is to be installed. After that, a 2-3 inch concrete layer and levelling Padlopon® layer is to be laid.

2. Walls

a.) Exterior load-bearing walls: made of Ytong blocks (size 30), and the wall is insulated on the outer surface with Dryvit heat insulation system.

b.) Partition walls between flats: 30-as made of Ytong blocks (size 30), /manufacturer's acoustic insulation standard rate: 42 dB/ the plastering is laid cca. 1.5 inch wide on both sides of the walls /68 dB/. According to EU standards this rate should be 54 dB in an inner city environment. According to the manufacturer, this way, the implementation follows the standards.  

c.) Partition walls inside the flat: made of Ytong blocks (size 10).

3. Doors and windows

Main entrance: fire rated steel doors, manufactured with heat insulation between 3.1 inch wide layers. Locks: double lock; 12-point locking system.

Windows - balcony doors: 5-6 chamber plastic structures = 1W/sqm*K glass pane.

Interior doors: inside the flats foil-wrapped MDF doors are being put in place.

Flat roof windows: standard FAKRO windows with insulating glass panes.

4. Electrical system

Copper wire system, built in a plastic tube. Electrical current per flat: 1 x 32A. Also, the measuring points are prepared for future installation of three-phase electromechanical induction meters (only in case of bigger size flats). Inside the flats phone and television sockets are being installed. Switches and electrical sockets are LEGRAND - VALENA BRAND. The above mentioned technical content can be modified if necessary, based on written agreement of both parties.

Alarm: basic setting in preparation for future implementation of the system.

5. Water supply

Henco copper tube system in which hot water is provided by a gas fired (turbo) domestic heating and hot water combination SEMIA F24 boiler.

MOFÉM-TEKA single handle taps are installed.

Bathtub put in place according to the floorplan – made of ACRYLIC – 80 000 HUF

The sanitary system is designed with built-in GROHE flush tank, and a china toilet bowl of the same type. Hot and cold water pipes are both being put in place in the sanitary to connect a bidet if necessary.

6. Heating system

Steel panel heaters are being put in place, with towel rails in the bathroom. The heating is also run from the gas fired SEMIA F24 turbo combination boiler. The gas meter prover of the flat is installed in the hallway. The turbo combination boiler is equipped with CO detector, and a heating filter is also installed which can be cleaned if necessary.

7. Wall surfaces

The surfaces are plastered, smoothed and painted with dispersion wall paint in white and champagne colour (or in any other colour if requested).

8. Floor coverings

In the bathroom, shower, hallway, pantry, kitchen, dining area: glazed ceramic tiles - maximum 8 000 HUF (incl. VAT)/sqm. The price includes the cost of the frames and of the installation products, worth 1 000 HUF.

Bathrooms are furnished and equipped:

- vanity under the sink - 40 000 HUF
- mirror, lights - 20 000 HUF + 15 000 HUF
- bathroom with shower-bathtub
- restroom

In the living room and the bedroom:
- natural wood flooring (sanded, lacquered, made of oak or beech): max 8 000 HUF/sqm (incl. VAT). This price includes the cost of frames and of the installation products, worth 1 000 HUF.

9. Wall coverings

The walls of the bathroom and toilet are covered in glazed ceramic tiles up to a hight of 2m, worth maximum 10 000 HUF/sqm (incl. VAT). This price includes the cost of frames and of the installation products, worth 1 000 HUF.

10. Air conditioning

Basic setting: putting in place the electronical system and pipes in preparation for future installation of an air conditioning equipment.

11. Ventilation and air exhaust systems

In the toilet and in the bathroom windows are put in place (ventilation). Where this solution is not possible, electronical air exhaust systems are installed. In the kitchen a placement for the engine of the ventilation is prepared. Each exhaust point is equiped with an individual exhaus stack.

12. Roof terrace

- with plant containers and plants planted
- automated drip irrigation system for the plants installed
- electrical socket put in place, cold water access put in place

- Floor covering: treated wood flooring and ceramic tiles, worth 6 000 HUF/sqm incl. VAT.

13. Further possibilities

- Mosquito net:

- on windows

- on balcony doors

- on flat roof windows

- Parasols and outdoor furniture to be purchased.