Lázár utca 8 LIST OF FLATS

Flat number

Flat size sqm
With terrace Terrace sqm


Lázár u.8 IV/ 1 90,37 With terrace 8,36 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV/2 75,34 With terrace 5,70 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV./ 3 48,5 With terrace 2,25 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV/4 47,45 With terrace 4,49 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV./5 79,91 With terrace 6,85 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV./ 6 64,97 With terrace 5,27 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV./ 7 66,48 With terrace 4,53 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 IV./ 8 43,88
Lázár u.8 IV/9 31,09
Lázár u.8 V/1 142,62 With terrace 4,2+2,93+67,58 SOLD!
Lázár u.8 V/2 122,61
With terrace 1,45 + 9,38 + 20,52
Lázár u.8 V/3 136,62
With terrace 2,90 + 35,26 + 47,28
Lázár u.8 V/4 108,17
With terrace 2,90 + 61,29
Lázár u.8 V/5 98,74 With terrace 37,67 SOLD!





The inner and out shaping of the building and the housing made of first class quality


1. New slab

Structure of the new slab on the new levels: I-140 steel joist and monolit ferroconcrete, an antiknocking and abrasion-resistant mineral lining on the top. Following 5-7 cm wide concrete covering and equalizing material called Padlopon® will be layed as protecting the isolation lining.


2. Walling

a. Out frame walling: Ytong 30 covering with the isolating system of Dryvit

b. Partition walling: Ytong 30 /sound-absorbing qualification 42 dB/, walls are rendering both side of 3-4 cm /68 dB/. The EU standard is 54 dB according to the downtown normative. Regarding the specification of the producer it fits to the standard.

c. Inside walling: made of Ytong 10


3. Doors, windows

Entrance door: security and fire-guard made of steel with the wide of 8 cm of isolation between the front and back side. Double locker, locking on 12 points of the frame.

Windows on terrace doors: compound construction with 5-6 airlock blocks = 1W/m²K and with glass

Inner doors: inside the flats MDF raw material covered with foil 70.000,- HUF

Roof windows: produced by FAKRO, isolating glass stock sized windows


4. Electrician system

Copper wires fitting into plastic tubes, in each flat the incoming electricity is 1 x 32A. Places are prepared to have 3 phase measurements (installed in the bigger apartments only). TV and telephone front plugs, surface-mounted sockets, switchers will be installed as the trade mark or the same type of LEGRAND – VALENA. The above mentioned technical content optionaly (alarm system, electrical system.. etc.) could be modified according to both parties written accordance.

Alarm system: ready for the installation of any system


5. Plumbing

Copper tube or Henco system networks, hot water is provided by turbo combi central heating type Ariston Class B, Ariston Class B Premium 24 kW/ condenzed/ boiler.

Cogs made by MOFÉM-TEKA with one handle stlye.

Bath according to the layout – its material AKRIL – costs 80.000.- HUF, or shower cabin 150.000.- HUF.

Lavatory white porcelain, type FEROMIX, or MORMITE porcelain


Built-in toilet and toilet tank type of GROHE. Cold and hot water connection in the bathroom, and availability for placing bidet.

Water filter installed front of the water meter.



6. Heating system

Steel radiators in the bedroom, in other rooms floor heating, in the bathroom electrical radiator with towel drier function are installed. Heating is provided by a gas combi central , type ARISTIN (turbo). The (turbo) kombi central boiler is equipped with a CO detector, added with a cleanable heating filter.


7. Walling

Single-layer sizing, sanded, painted by water emulsion paint which can be white or champagne coloured. Colours can be modify by the demand.


8. Flooring

In the bathroom, shower, hall, pantry, kitchen, dining room and on the terrace (balcony) : glazed pottery counting with the max. of 10.000, - HUF / m. This implies it 1000,- HUF in a value the edges and the ingredients.


Bathrooms with appliances and furnish:

-cabinet under the basin 40.000,- HUF

-mirror, lamps 20.000,- HUF + 15.000,- HUF


In the living room and bedroom sanded and varnished wooden parquet layer. Materials are oak and beech counting with 10.000, - HUF / m. This implies it 1000,- HUF in a value the edges and the ingredients.



9. Wall facing

The bathroom, a shower and the toilet covered with glazed pottery counting with the max. of 10.000, -Ft / m. 2 are metres altitude.


10. Air-conditioning equipment

Prepared for the installation of the equipment. (wires and electrician net installed)


11. Ventilating equipments

Windows will be forming in the bath and toilet. If there is no possibility for this, electronic extractor fan is going to be built in. Each extractor places has a private connection to the main system.



12. Central vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum cleaner system's tubes are configured, prepared for the vacuum cleaning equipment


13. Shelding

Roll-up holder are built in, ready to receive the roll up and the mosquito net.



14. Teracce

- Built in with plant growth crate and plants, automatic watering system established.

- Power connector on the condition. Cold water connection provisioned.

- Treated wood trim or ceramic coating gross 8.000.-HUF/sqm


15. Other possibilities

- Shading and garden furniture

- Fly-screen for windows, doors, roof windows